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    • Consensus statement on chronic and subacute high altitude diseases 

      León-Velarde, Fabiola; Maggiorini, Marco; Reeves, John T; Aldashev, Almaz; Asmus, Ingrid; Bernardi, Luciano; Ge, Ri-Li; Hackett, Peter; Kobayashi, Toshio; Moore, Lorna G; Peñaloza, Dante; Richalet, Jean-Paul; Roach, Robert; Wu, Tianyi; Vargas, Enrique; Zubieta-Castillo, Gustavo; Zubieta-Calleja, Gustavo (High Altitude Medicine & Biology, 2005)
      ABSTRACT. This is an international consensus statement of an ad hoc committee formed by the In ternational Society for Mountain Medicine (ISMM) at the VI World Congress on Mountain Med icine and High Altitude Physiology ...