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    • Percent of oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin among Bolivian aymara at 3,900-4000 m 

      Beall, Cynthia M; Almasy, Laura A; Blangero, John; Williams-Blangero, Sarah; Brittenham, Gary M; Strohl, Kingman P; Decker, Michael J; Vargas, Enrique; Villena, Mercedes; Soria, Rudy; Alarcón, Ana María; Gonzales, Cristina (American Journal of Physical Anthroplogy, 1999)
      ABSTRACT. A range of variation in percent of oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SaO2) among healthy individuals at a given high altitude indicates differences in physiological hypoxemia despite uniform ambient ...
    • Ventilation and hypoxic ventilatory response of Tibetan and Aymara high altitude natives 

      Beall, Cynthia M; Strohl, Kingman P; Blangero, John; Williams-Blangero, Sarah; Almasy, Laura A; Decker, Michael J; Worthman, Carol M; Goldstein, Melvyn C; Vargas, Enrique (American Journal Physical Anthropology, 1997)
      ABSTRACT. Newcomers acclimatizing to high altitude and adult male Tibetan high altitude natives have increased ventilation relative to sea level natives at sea level. However, Andean and Rocky Mountain high altitude natives ...