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    • Does Hypoxia impair ovarian function in Bolivian women indigenous to high altitude? 

      Vitzthum, Virginia J; Ellison, PT; Sukalich, S; Cáceres, E; Spielvogel, Hilde (HIGH ALTITUDE MEDICINE & BIOLOGY, 2000)
      Abstract. Fertility appears to be reduced in at least some high altitude populations relative to their counterparts at lower elevations. Inferring from the difficulties with reproduction of newcomers to high altitude and ...
    • Effect of menstrual cycle phase on exercise performance of high-altitude native women at 3600 m 

      Brutsaert, Tom D; Spielvogel, Hilde; Cáceres, Esperanza; Araoz, Mauricio; Chatterton, Robert T; Vitzthum, Virginia J (The Journal of Experimental Biology, 2002)
      Summary. At sea level normally menstruating women show increased ventilation (VE) and hemodynamic changes due to increased progesterone (P) and estrogen (E2) levels during the mid-luteal (L) compared to the mid-follicular (F) ...