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    • Developmental components of resting ventilation among high - and low-altitude andean children and adults 

      Frisancho, A Roberto; Juliao, Patricia C; Barcelona, Verónica; Kudyba, Carmela E; Amayo, Glenda; Davenport, Grecia; Knowles, Alicia; Sánchez, Dani; Villena, Mercedes; Vargas, Enrique; Soria, Rudy (American Journal of Physical Anthroplogy, 1999)
      ABSTRACT. This paper evaluates the age-associated changes of resting ventilation of 115 high- and low-altitude Aymara subjects, of whom 61 were from the rural Aymara village of Ventilla situated at an average altitude ...
    • Gender differentiation of the chemoreflex during growth at high altitude : functional and nerurochemical studies 

      Joseph, V; Soliz, J; Pequignot, J; Sempore, B; Cottet-Emard, JM; Dalmaz, Y; Favier, R; Spielvogel, Hilde; Pequignot, JM (Am J Physiol Regulatory Integrative Comp Physiol, 2000)
      The effect of chronic hypoxia on gender differences in physiology and neurochemistry of chemosensory pathways was studied in prepubertal and adult rats living at sea level (SL; Lyon, France) or at high altitude (HA; La ...