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    • Pulmonary-artery pressure and exhaled nitric oxide in Bolivian and caucasian high altitude dwellers 

      Schwab, Marcos; Jayet, Pierre-Yves; Stuber, Thomas; Salinas Salmón, Carlos E; Bloch, Jonathan; Spielvogel, Hilde; Villena, Mercedes; Allemann, Yves; Sartori, Claudio; Scherrer, Urs (High Altitude Medicine & Biology, 2008)
      Abstract Schwab, Marcos, Pierre-Yves Jayet, Thomas Stuber, Carlos Salinas, Jonathan Bloch, Hilde Spielvogel, Mercedes Villena, Yves Allemann, Claudio Sartori, and Urs Scherrer. Pulmonary-artery pressure and exhaled nitric ...
    • Respiratory nitric oxide and pulmonary artery pressure in children of aymara and european ancestry at high altitude* 

      Stuber, Thomas; Sartori, Claudio; Salinas Salmón, Carlos E; Hutter, Damian; Thalmann, Sébastien; Turini, Pierre; Jayet, Pierre-Yves; Schwab, Marcos; Sartori-Cucchia, Céline; Villena, Mercedes; Scherrer, Urs; Allemann, Yves (CHEST, 2008-11-07)
      Invasive studies suggest that healthy children living at high altitude display pulmonary hypertension, but the data to support this assumption are sparse. Nitric oxide (NO) synthesized by the respiratory epithelium regulates ...