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    • Exaggerated systemic oxidative-inflammatory-nitrosative stress in chronic mountain sIckness is associated with cognitive decline and depression 

      Bailey, Damian M; Brugniaux, Julien V; Filipponi, Teresa; Marley, Christopher J; Stacey, Benjamin; Soria, Rodrigo; Rimoldi, Stefano F; Cerny, David; Rexhaj, Emrush; Pratali, Lorenza; Salinas Salmón, Carlos; Murillo Jáuregui, Carla; Villena, Mercedes; Smirl, Jonathan D; Ogoh, Shigehiko; Pietri, Sylvia; Scherrer, Urs; Sartori, Claudio (J Physiol, 2019)
      Abstract. Chronic mountain sickness (CMS) is a maladaptation syndrome encountered at high altitude (HA) characterised by severe hypoxaemia that carries a higher risk of stroke and migraine and is associated with increased ...