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    • Maternal oxygen delivery is not related to altitude- and ancestry-associated differences in human fetal growth 

      Zamudio, Stacy; Postigo, Lucrecia; Illsley, Nicholas P; Rodriguez, Carmelo; Heredia, Gladys; Brimacombe, Michael; Echalar, Lourdes; Torricos, Tatiana; Tellez, Wilma; Maldonado, Ivan; Balanza Erquicia, Elfride; Alvarez, Tatiana; Ameller, Julio; Vargas, Enrique (J Physiol, 2007-09-16)
      Fetal growth is reduced at high altitude, but the decrease is less among long-resident populations. We hypothesized that greater maternal uteroplacental O2 delivery would explain increased fetal growth in Andean natives ...
    • Seasonal modulation of reproductive effort during early pregnancy in humans 

      Vitzthum, Virginia J; Thornburg, Jonathan; Spielvogel, Hilde (American Journal of Human Biology, 2009-03-03)
      A B S T R A C T Life history theory predicts that early pregnancy presents a relatively low cost, uncontested opportunity for a woman to terminate investment in a current reproductive opportunity if a conceptus is of poor ...