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  • Addressing climate adaptation in education, research and practice: the CLiVIA-network 

    Nagy, Gustavo J; Cabrera, Carolina; Coronel, Genaro; Aparicio-Effen, Marilyn; Arana, Ivar; Lairet, Rafael; Villamizar, Alicia (International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, 2017)
    Abstract Purpose. Climate change and variability are both a developmental and an environmental issue. Adaptation to climate change and variability has gained a prominent place on global and local policy agendas, evolving ...
  • Apolipoprotein E/C1/C4/C2 gene cluster diversity in two native andean populations: Aymaras and Quechuas 

    Gayà-Vidal, Magdalena; Athanasiadis, Georgios; Carreras-Torres, Robert; Via, Marc; Esteban, Esther; Villena, Mercedes; Vasquez, René; Dugoujon, Jean-Michel; Moral, Pedro (Annals of Human Genetics, 2012-07)
    Summary The APOE/C1/C4/C2 gene cluster presents high relevance in lipid metabolism and, therefore, has important epidemiological implications. Here, we study for the first time the variation patterns of 25 polymorphisms ...
  • Propositon of a standard description for phlebotomine sandflies 

    Bermudez, H; Dedet, JP; Falcao, AL; Feliciangeli, D; Ferreira Rangel, E; Ferro, C; Galati, EAB; Gomez, EL; Herrero, MV; Hervas, D; Lebbe, J; Morales, A; Ogusuku, E; Pérez, E; Sherlock, I; Torrez, M; Vignes, R; Wolff, M (Parassitologia, 1991)
    Abstract - In order to be comparable, and efficient, the descriptions need to be as complete as possible and realized according to the same parameters. In this respect, we present the standard description of Phlebotomine ...