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  • Role of cytokines in altitude-associated preeclampsia 

    Dávila, R Daniela; Julian, Colleen Glyde; Browne, Vaughn A.; Toledo-Jaldín, Lillian; Wilson, Megan J; Rodriguez, Armando; Vargas, Enrique; Moore, Lorna G (Pregnancy Hypertens, 2012-01)
    A b s t r a c t Background: Preeclampsia (PE) is more common at high than low altitude and contributes to the altitude-related decline in birth weight. Since inflammatory markers are implicated in PE, we asked if such ...
  • Sixty percent (60%) mean hematocrit in an andean human population permanently exposed to extreme life conditions 

    Hanco, Ivan; Spielvogel, Hilde; Soliz, Jorge; Dueñas Castillo, Jose Ramiro (High Altitude Medicine & Biology, 2010-08-08)
    Introduction: Located over 5435 m, La Rinconada in the district of Puno, Peru is the highest urban centre in the world. This altitude, at which the barometric pressure (BP ¼ 400 mmHg), and the partial oxygen pressure (PpO2 ...