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    • Soccer activity prolife of altitude versus sea-level natives during acclimatisation to 3600 m (ISA3600) 

      Aughey, Robert J; Hammond, Kristal; Varley, Mattew C; Schmidt, Walter F; Bourdon, Pitre C; Buchheit, Martin; Simpson, Ben; Garvican-Lewis, Laura A; Kley, Marlen; Soria, Rudy; Sargent, Charli; Roach, Gregory D; Jimenez Claros, Jesús C; Wachsmuth, Nadine; Gore, Christopher J (Br J Sports Med, 2013-09)
      ABSTRACT Objectives We investigated the effect of high altitude on the match activity profile of elite youth high altitude and sea level residents. Methods Twenty Sea Level (Australian) and 19 Altitude-resident ...