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    • Periodic breathing and O2 saturation in relation to sleep stages at high altitude 

      Normad, Hervé; Barragán, Mario; Benoit, Odile; Bailliart, Olivier; Raynaud, Jeanne (Aviat. Space Environ Med., 1990)
      This study was designed to compare sleep organization at high altitude (HA) and sea level (SL) and to estimate the extent periodic breathing (PB) negatively influences arterial O2, saturation (SaO2). Six lowlanders were ...
    • Sleep apneas in high altitude residents (3,800 m) 

      Normad, H; Vargas, E; Bordachar, J; Benoit, O; Raynaud, J (Int. J. Sports Med., 1992)
      Abstract. The question is: to what extent periodic breathing usually observed in translocated subjects at high altitude affects normal and polycythemic residents of high altitude? Standard sleep parameters, chest wall ...
    • El sueño a grandes alturas 

      Barragán, M; Gabersek, V; Slel, D (Revista IBBA, 1979)