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    • Determinants of blood oxygenation during pregnancy in Andean and Europeas residents of high altitude 

      Vargas, Marco; Vargas, Enrique; Julian, Colleen Glyde; Armaza, J Fernando; Rodriguez, Armando; Tellez, Wilma; Niermeyer, Susan; Wilson, Megan; Parra, Esteban; Shriver, Mark; Moore, Lorna G (Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol, 2007-07-02)
      High altitude decreases birth weight, but this effect is diminished in long vs. short-resident, high-altitude populations. We asked whether women from long vs. short-resident, high-altitude populations had higher arterial ...
    • Developmental components of resting ventilation among high - and low-altitude andean children and adults 

      Frisancho, A Roberto; Juliao, Patricia C; Barcelona, Veronica; Kudyba, Carmela E; Amayo, Glenda; Davenport, Grecia; Knowles, Alicia; Sanchez, Dani; Villena, Mercedes; Vargas, Enrique; Soria, Rudy (American Journal of Physical Anthroplogy, 1999)
      ABSTRACT This paper evaluates the age-associated changes of resting ventilation of 115 high- and low-altitude Aymara subjects, of whom 61 were from the rural Aymara village of Ventilla situated at an average altitude ...
    • Pulmonary gas exchange and acid-base state at 5,260 m in high-altitude Bolivians and acclimatized lowlanders 

      Wagner, Peter D; Araoz, Mauricio; Boushel, Robert; Calbet, Jose AL; Jessen, Birgitte; Radegran, Göran; Spielvogel, Hilde; Sondegaard, Hans; Wagner, Harrieth; Saltin, Bengt (J Appl Physiol, 2002)
      Pulmonary gas exchange and acid-base state were compared in nine Danish lowlanders (L) acclimatized to 5,260 m for 9 wk and seven native Bolivian residents (N) of La Paz (altitude 3,600–4,100 m) brought acutely to this ...