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    • Anthropometry and lung function of 10- to 12-year-old Bolivian boys 

      Villena, M; Spielvogel, H; Vargas, E; Obert, P; Alarcón, AM; Gonzales, C; Falgairette, G; Kemper, HCG (Int. J. Sports Med., 1994)
      Abstract Anthropometric measurements of 23 HAHSES, 44 HALSES, 43 LAHSES, and 28 LALSES boys (see Introduction to this Supplement) are presented here. They include body height (H), body weight (BW), upper arm circumference ...
    • Effect of chronic hypoxia and socioeconomic status on VO2 max and anaerobic power of bolivian boys 

      Obert, Philippe; Bedu, Mario; Fellmann, Nicole; Falgairette, Guy; Beaune, Bruno; Quintela, Aïda; Van Praagh, Emmanuel; Spielvogel, Hilde; Kemper, Han; Post, Bertheke; Parent, Gérard; Coudert, Jean (American Physiological Society, 1993)
      Abstract. The aim of this work was to analyze the effects of altitude and socioeconomic and nutritional status on maximal oxygen uptake (Vo₂max) and anaerobic power (P) in 11-yr-old Bolivian boys. At both high (HA) (3,600 ...