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    • Chagas serology and its problems 

      Carrasco, RL; Brenière, SF; Poch, O; Miguez, HV; Selaes, H; Antezana, G; Desjeux, P; Carlier, Y (Ann. Soc. Belge Med. Trop., 1985)
      Summary - We performed a comparative study (263 sera) of four serological techniques for the diagnosis of Chagas' disease (IFT, CFT, ELISA, IEP). The concordance of the four techniques was 92.8 per cent, and we obtained ...
    • The interest of immunoprecipitation tests in the immunological diagnosis of Chagas'disease 

      Carlier, Y; Brenière, FS; Lemesre, LJ; Carrasco, R; Desjeux, P; Afchain, D (Ann. Soc. Belge Med. Trop., 1985)
      Summary lmmunoelectrophoresis (lEP) and a double diffusion microtest (MD) were evaluated for ¡mmunological diagnosis of Chagas' d¡sease, using 527 sera from Bolivian patients. The specificity of, the tests was given by ...